Aquagard Antifouling Inflatable Paint, Light Gray, 90007

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Product Overview:

Aquagard Inflatable Antifouling Paint is an advanced water-based bottom paint specifically designed for inflatable boats in fresh and salt water.

It is suited for Hypalon, PVC and rubber inflatable boats. This special flexible formula allows boats to be deflated and rolled up without cracking the paint!

Aquagard is a favorite paint for boatyards and do-it-yourself boat owners as it rolls on easily, dries quickly, is safer to work with, better for the environment and yields excellent antifouling results...all this at about half the price of higher load copper-based paints.

Thanks to advances in paint resin chemistry, the leach rate of the active is controlled so Aquagard requires less copper content to provide outstanding performance (and a lower price point). As the boat moves through the water and the paint ablates, it continuously exposes fresh antifouling layers repelling barnacles and soft growth.

Aquagard is an environmentally friendly and clean up is easy and with only soap and water. All Aquagard paints are U.S. EPA approved, exceed V.O.C. standards and have no toxic fumes or harsh smell. 

Apply Inflatable bottom paint with a brush or roller. One quart will cover about two coats on an 8' to 10' boat.

Aquagard Inflatable bottom paint is available in quart containers and a light gray color.

Features and Benefits:

  • Suited for Hypalon, PVC and rubber inflatable boats
  • Ablative action repels barnacles & other growth
  • Fast drying
  • Water-based paint rolls on easily
  • Great value with outstanding results
  • Soap & water clean-up
  • Exceeds V.O.C. standards
  • Controlled cuprous oxide leach rate results in better performance at a lower price; 26.73% active content works better than most paints with twice as much active
  • No harsh solvent odor or toxic fumes
  • Splash time after painting not critical, paint in the fall and launch next year
  • U.S. EPA approved

Technical Specs:

  • Paint Type: Water-based antifouling paint
  • Recommended For: Inflatable boats
  • Colors: Light gray
  • Sizes: Quart
  • Active Ingredient: Cuprous Oxide at 26.37% by weight
  • Compatibility: Safe for Hypalon, PVC and rubber inflatable boats
  • Coverage: ~100 square feet per qt (2 coats on a 8'-10' boat)
  • Number of Coats: Minimum of 2 coats 
  • Dry-To-Recoat: 4 hours
  • Dry-To-Launch: Min: 8-12 hours; Max: not critical
  • Manufacturer: Flexdel Corporation

Technical Literature:

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