Sunwave Photo-Active Release Coating

Sunwave Photo-Active Release Coating

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Product Description:

ePaint SUNWAVE® is an economical, eco-friendly, photo-active and scrubbable release coating for boat bottoms. It is designed to provide a hard, mar-resistant finish to stand up to periodic maintenance scrubbing. 

SUNWAVE is water-based, does not contain pesticides and is very low VOC. Like all ePaint bottom coatings, SUNWAVE is copper-free and incorporates ePaint patented photo-active technology and ablative resin chemistry to wear away over time preventing heavy paint buildup. SUNWAVE will not promote galvanic corrosion and is safe to apply directly on bare aluminum surfaces.

SUNWAVE is recommended for fresh water and low to moderate fouling marine environments. SUNWAVE is safe for use on all rigid hull types (i.e. fiberglass, aluminum, steel, wood), trim tabs, and is self-priming on bare aluminum in many applications (prime for best adhesion). 

SUNWAVE is compatible with most epoxy primers but is not compatible over traditional antifouling paints (remove existing paint before applying). As SUNWAVE does not contain a biocide, it is not classified as an antifouling coating and like all release coatings may foul. Routine maintenance scrubbing and/or motion of the boat will likely be required to keep hull clean; due to ePaints proprietary photoactive technology, growth should readily wipe away with minimal paint loss.

Features & Benefits:

  • Economical price
  • Environmentally friendly, no biocides and water-based
  • Proprietary photo-active technology to ease removal of growth
  • Hard epoxy, photo-ablative formula designed to resist maintenance scrubbing
  • For use on fiberglass, aluminum, outboards, outdrives, and trim tabs
  • Will not promote electrolysis of metal surfaces
  • Self-priming on prepared aluminum surfaces (prime for best adhesion)
  • Easily applied by traditional painting techniques
  • Safe to haul boat in and out of the water 

Recommended Uses:

  • Pontoon boats
  • Dry-stacked boats
  • Dry-sailed boats
  • Trailered boats
  • Boats in low fouling salt and fresh waters
  • All boats in marinas and waters where copper and toxic pesticides are of concern

Technical Overview:

  • Available Colors: White and Gray
  • Packaging: Two component system, available in quarts and gallons kits
  • Mixing Ratio: 4.3 Parts A to 1.0 Part B by volume 
  • Thinner: Water
  • Pot Life: 2 Hours
  • Number of Coats: 2 Full coats with additional around waterline, leading edges and high wash areas
  • Method of Application: Traditional painting techniques (e.g. conventional spray, airless spray, roller, brush)
  • Finish: Hard egg-shell like
  • Safe For Aluminum?: Yes, self-priming but best adhesion when used in conjunction with EP-Prime 1000

Detailed Technical Specifications:

  • Save & Print ePaint Sunwave Technical Information here

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