8" Farecla Double Sided Wool Compounding Pad, 10045/GMW806

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Product Description:

Genuine Farecla brand! The G-Mop Double Sided Wool Compounding Pad (10045/GMW806) is 100% twisted wool and offers maximum cutting action and is ideal for use with Farecla compounds.

Features a red wear indicator woven into the pad to indicate when it is worn and needs replacing. Pads last 2 to 3 times longer when used with water-based Farecla compounds vs. traditional petroleum-based compounds.

Use with 5/8" x 11 thread double sided pad screw fit adapter to attach to polishing machine.

Features and Benefits:

  • Double sided wool pad offers more versatility when buffing
  • Offers maximum cut
  • High quality dense weave
  • Red wear indicator - line of red fibers woven into the pad to indicate when it is worn
  • Easy water clean up and longer lasting when used with Farecla compounds

Product Specifications:

  • 8" double sided wool pad
  • 100% twisted wool
  • Fits 5/8" x 11 thread double sided pad screw fit adapter to polishing machine
  • One pad per package

Training Videos: 

Farécla Kneading the Pad Tutorial  

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