Farecla Fast Inspection Fluid

Farecla Fast Inspection Fluid

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Product Overview:

Farecla Fast Inspection Fluid is a quick and easy to use spray-on, wipe-off cleaner that provides a high gloss finish. 

So versatile, use Fast Inspection Fluid for both surface prep cleaning and after compounding for the ultimate shine.

Silicone-free and safe to use in body shops and applied nearby to where paints are used. Water-based formula easily removes surface contamination, oils, dirt & fingerprints, making it the ideal product for evaluation of paint repairs. 

Mist on the Fast Inspection Cleaning Fluid spray to the paint surface following the compounding process. Simply wipe clear with a finishing cloth for a high gloss shine. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Spray on, wipe clear product
  • Removes grease, dust, dirt marks and other contaminants
  • Ideal for residue removal and surface evaluation following buffing
  • Water-based and pleasant scent
  • Silicone free - safe to use in body shops and applied nearby to where paints are used
  • For hand application
  • Available in 500mL spray bottle and 1 gallon refill jugs

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Product Data Sheets:

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