Farecla G10 Finishing Compound and Swirl Remover

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Product Overview:

Farecla G10 Finishing Compound & Swirl Remover is ideal for removing light scratches or swirl marks, especially on darker colors. G10 will also restore older paint work and bring back true paint color. 

Farecla G10 is also designed as a second stage step following either Farecla G3 Paste Compound, G3 Advanced Liquid Compound or Total Advanced Dry Use Liquid Compound to remove light swirl marks and further enhance gloss levels, particularly on dark colors. 

Farecla G10 performs best when used with a little water which encourages abrasives in the liquid to work to maximum performance. Apply by machine with a soft foam pad such as Farecla's Red Waffle Foam Finishing Pad or by hand with a microfiber finishing cloth.

Features and Benefits:

  • Acts as a gentle abrasives to restore older paint and bring back true color
  • Permanently removes light scratches and swirl marks
  • Cleans and restores discolored surfaces on older paintwork
  • Water-based with unique "diminishing abrasive technology" and contains no fillers
  • Use with water for optimal performance
  • Silicone-free
  • For hand or machine application

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Compounding Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Use with a polishing foam pad
  • Apply only a small amount of G10 to pad or surface
  • Spread compound out before compounding
  • With variable speed buffers, work at 1,500 RPM or higher and keep pad flat
  • Use with water to prevent drying out (mist or damp towel or buff pad)
  • If working by hand, wet pad slightly with water to help compound break down
  • Pads may be soaked in water to clean and extend life

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