Farecla Profile 200XL Supercut Restorer

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Discontinued and replaced with Farecla Profile Premium Liquid Compound, click here for more info.

Product Description:

Farecla Profile 200XL Supercut Surface Restorer Compound sets the standard for ultimate color restoration and high gloss in one fast step.

Profile 200XL is our most popular compound with professional marine and aviation detailers. It may be used both in direct sunlight and on misty days. Safe for use on most surfaces including gelcoat, paint, varnish and solid surfaces.

Profile 200XL is a medium-coarse cutting compound, capable of permanently removing 800-1,000 dry abrasive marks and delivering a superb high gloss finish.

With extra lubrication, Profile 200XL resists drying out in hot conditions and on large surfaces, allowing for more complete elimination of scratches, swirls, wheel marks and other imperfections which traditional products only hide. 

This unique formula is ideal for outdoor use in boatyards and airports where excessive heat cause traditional products to dry out. 

Water-based formula, contains no silicone or fillers and low VOC which means no haze-back, easy clean up, extended buff pad life, safer use and better for the environment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easily restores surface finish and color as well as provides excellent gloss in one simple step
  • Permanently removes light scratches from 800 dry, swirls, wheel marks, and other imperfection
  • Concentrated Savings - loaded with 50% more abrasive material and 3 to 4 times less material is required than the closest competing product
  • Water-based formula is highly lubricated to resist drying out - safely use in both hot sunny conditions and on misty days
  • Contains no fillers, silicone or petroleum compounds - hence removes, not hides scratches and no haze back later on
  • Water-based formula allows for easy clean up, dramatically extends buff pad life, safer to work with and better for the environment


  • Restoring surface gloss and color to weathered surfaces on boats, planes, trucks, buses, wind turbines, etc.
  • Composites manufacturing - standard tooling gelcoats, carbon fiber production, finished mouldings
  • Marine and industrial paint finishes
  • Lacquered wood coatings
  • Solid surfaces such as acrylic, polyester, artificial marble and cast polymers


  • Apply with a 100% Wool Compounding Pad such as Farecla Grip Wool Pad
  • Only a small amount of product is required on pad or surface
  • Operate machine at 1,500 to 1,800 RPM
  • When using in direct sunlight, occasionally mist surface with water if desired
  • Excellent as the sole step on light color hulls
  • On darker colors, follow with Profile 500 Finishing Compound and Foam Finishing Pad to remove swirl marks and provide an even deeper wet looking gloss
  • Follow with Profile UV Wax or Profile Polymer Wax for ultimate protection
  • When finished, rinse pads out with water and spin dry to dramatically extend pad life

Science Behind the Technology:

How do Farécla Profile compounds both restore and provide deep gloss in only one step?

Based on diminishing abrasive technology, this is a true "one-step" application for surface restoration and providing superior gloss in comparison to any other product available. Farécla compounds are loaded with 50% more abrasive material than the closest competition for faster working time and requiring much less material. 

As the compounding process begins, these particles collide with the paint surface, cutting away at the ridges caused by sanding marks and other defects. It’s at this stage that the Farécla Profile superior emulsion system comes into play, optimizing the rate at which each particle breaks down, from the jagged rocks needed for the cutting & surface restoring phase, to smooth, marble-like spheres for polishing phase.




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Product Tech Sheet:

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