Farecla Profile 500 Light Cut Liquid Compound, 5L Jug

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Note: Limited quantity of 5L jugs on hand; consider Farecla Profile Finish Liquid Compound, click here for more info. Note picture shown is 1L bottle size.

Product Overview:

Farecla Profile 500 Light Cut Liquid Finishing Compound is designed for removing light oxidation and swirl marks on dark color paint, varnish and gel coat surfaces. Reformulated to work even faster and provide a deeper wet gloss finish.

Use as a single step on surfaces in good shape or as a 2nd final step before waxing on dark colors following either Profile 200XL or Profile 300 for higher gloss and swirl mark removal. Also an excellent choice for use on varnish and wood finishes. Best for use with a Farecla finishing foam pad or lambswool pad.

Profile 500 features Farecla diminishing abrasive technology for color restoration and gloss in one fast step! Contains no fillers or silicone. Water-based for easy clean-up.

Follow with Farecla Profile UV Wax or Profile Polymer Wax for ultimate protection. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Great for removing swirl marks on dark colors
  • Use as a single step on surfaces in good shape to remove light scratches
  • Use as a 2nd step on dark colors following either Farecla Profile 200XL or Profile 300 for even deeper gloss and swirl mark removal
  • Water-based formula allows for easy clean-up with water and safer to work with
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or fillers, no chemical residue left behind

Tips for Optimal Results:

  • Use with a finishing foam pad or lambswool pad for best results
  • Apply only a small amount of Profile 500 to pad or surface
  • Spread compound out before compounding
  • Work at 1,500 RPM or higher
  • Angle buffer slightly to increase cutting power
  • Mist with water to prevent drying out
  • If working by hand, wet pad slightly with water to help compound break down
  • Pads may be soaked in water to clean and extend life 
  • Follow with Profile UV Wax or Profile Polymer Wax for ultimate protection

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Technical Data Sheet:

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