Farecla Profile Premium Liquid Compound, 1 Gallon, PRL106

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Note: Farecla Profile Premium Gallon sizes (PRL106) are factory backorder until the middle of June, 2021. You may still order to reserve and be placed in queue and items will ship when available.

Product Description:

Farecla Profile Premium Liquid Compound, 1 Gallon, (PRL106), a high performance water-based cutting compound which quickly and permanently removes 1,200 grit or finer sanding marks from production gel coats and painted finishes. It is the perfect solution for restoring oxidized and weathered gel coat surfaces and leaves an excellent high gloss.

Profile Premium Liquid Compound is great on dark colors, it delivers a high gloss finish and is used as a one step product on white gel coats and as the first stage of a two part compounding process where higher gloss and lower swirl is required. 

Use with a wool cutting pad (e.g. Farecla G-Mop Twisted Wool Pad) and small amount of material. If desired, follow with a finer cutting compound (e.g. Profile Finish Compound) to yield an even higher gloss level and quality wax (e.g. Profile UV Wax, Profile Polymer Wax) to protect surface.

Water-based formula contains no silicone or fillers and is very low VOC which means no haze-back, easy clean up, extended buff pad life, is safer for people and better for the environment.

Also available in a paste version for those that prefer a drier compound, info here.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for gel coats, painted surfaces and solid surfaces
  • Quickly and permanently removes 1,200 grit dry sanding marks
  • Water-based formula contains no fillers and very low VOC which means no haze-back, easy clean up, extended buff pad life, safer to use and better for the environment
  • Reduced heat build up, stays wet longer
  • Contains no silicone (paint shop friendly)
  • Time & Money Saved - Quicker application and much less product required versus other leading brands, so highly economical


  • Suitable for gel coats, painted surfaces and solid surfaces
  • Restoring surface gloss and color to weathered surfaces on boats, planes, trucks, buses, trains, wind turbines, solid surfaces, etc.

Science Behind the Technology:

How do Farecla compounds restore & leave deep gloss in 1-step?

Based on diminishing abrasive technology, this is a true "one-step" application for surface restoration and providing superior gloss in comparison to any other product available. Farecla compounds are loaded with 50% more abrasive material than the closest competition for faster working time and requiring much less material.

Farecla Abrasive Particle Size vs. Polishing Time

As the compounding process begins, these particles collide with the paint surface, cutting away at the ridges caused by sanding marks and other defects. It’s at this stage that the Farecla Profile superior emulsion system comes into play, optimizing the rate at which each particle breaks down, from the jagged rocks needed for the cutting & surface restoring phase, to smooth, marble-like spheres for polishing phase.