Farecla Gold Top Machine Glaze, 500ml, 11008

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Product Overview:

Farecla Gold Top high performance glaze system for machine application provides a durable, high gloss, showroom finish while still allowing fresh paint to fully cure. 

Excellent for use on dark colors. Apply with a soft foam polishing pad.

Gold Top will not dry up during use, even in direct sunlight, and may be applied to large surface areas saving time and money.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides a fast, long lasting high gloss finish
  • Restores discolored paint, giving a true color finish
  • Does not dry up in use, even in direct sunlight and may be applied to large surface areas in a single application
  • Allows non-fully cured paint to breathe
  • Will withstand final car wash and exhibits water repellent properties
  • For machine application 
  • 500ml bottle

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