Mirka 3" Mini Buff Pad Collection

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Product Information:

Mirka 3" Mini Buff Pads are perfect for buffing and polishing those hard to reach areas.  

Use for small touch-up areas such as painted side view mirrors, clear-coated divider window panes, bumper tops and boat topsides and interiors.

Available in foam and wool for restoring, polishing and finishing compounding, glaze and wax. Features Velcro grip backing for quick attachment and removal. Foam pads feature a flat face front.

Choose from twisted wool for aggressive cutting, soft lambs wool for polishing, orange euro foam for cutting and black foam for finessing and polishing.

Features and Benefits:

  • 3" diameter, 1" pile height for wool pads, 1/2" height and flat face for foam pads
  • Made with high quality foam and plush wool fibers
  • Washable grip backing
  • Sold 6 per package

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