Mirka Polarstar Film 5" Solid Grip Discs, FA612 Series

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Product Description:

Mirka Polarstar Film 5" Solid Grip Sanding Discs (FA612 Series) have been specifically developed to tackle the latest surface prep and repair applications.

Polarstar uses a polyester film backing material (in contrast to paper) to create a more flexible and much smoother abrasive surface. As a result, Polarstar produces a finer, more consistent surface finish faster.

Specially treated to resist clogging. Longer service life than paper.  

Features and Benefits:

  • Outstanding performance on demanding applications such as tooling gel coats and scratch resistant automotive clear coats
  • Polyester film backing material creates a flexible and smoother abrasive surface
  • Anti-clogging layer prevents pilling and results in longer working life
  • Designed for optimum performance on both wet and dry sanding
  • Excellent durability, retains its high performance sanding properties for long working life, particularly on harder surfaces

Application Suggestions:

  • Demanding applications such as tooling gel coats, composite materials and hard, scratch resistant automotive clear coats
  • Denibbing paint finishes, removal of orange peel and blend preparation of clear coats
  • Wet and dry sanding applications

Product Specifications:

  • 5" solid discs
  • Resin over resin bonding
  • Silicon Carbide grain
  • Polyester film with grip backing
  • Semi-open coating
  • P600-P1500 grit range
  • Sold 50 discs per box

Product Downloads:

  • Click here for Mirka Polarstar brochure