Presta 9" Wool, White Cutting Double Sided Quik Connect Pad, 890082

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Product Overview:

Presta Edge 2K 9" White Wool Cutting Double Sided Quik Connect Buff Pads (890082) are made of 100% twisted wool and designed for heavy cutting compounding applications. Great for use with compounds such as Presta MAX CompletePresta Super Cut and Presta Gel Coat.

Quik Pads provide fast, simple connect/disconnect hex attachment and perfect centering with Presta Quik Connect Spindle Adapter #890099. Both sides are usable, just flip for clean side.

Run between 1,800 to 2,000 rpm for best results. Do not exceed 2,500 rpm. 

Note, not compatible with screw-on adapter, this is a Quick Connect type pad.

Sold one pad per pack.

Features and Benefits

  • White 100% twisted wool for aggressive compounding applications
  • 9" diameter, 1.25" pile height
  • Both sides are usable, just flip for clean side
  • Provide fast, simple connect/disconnect and perfect centering
  • For use with Presta Quik Connect Spindle Adapter #890099
  • Recommended for rotary polishers
  • Made in the USA