Indasa Rynofinish 3" Microfine Foam Finishing Discs, 320-3000MF

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Product Overview:

Indasa 3" Rhynofinish Foam Finishing Discs (320-3000MF) offer an extremely consistent scratch pattern and produces the ideal surface for polishing.  

Uniformity of cut eliminates rouge scratches and is fully compatible with today's leading polishing compounding systems. 

High flexibility and sponge backing makes it adaptable to shapes, edges and contoured surfaces, prevents over sanding and can also be used with water. 

Application Suggestions:

Indasa Ryno Finish Microfine features a 3000 grit scratch pattern and is designed for machine sanding prior to polishing, providing a hi-gloss finish on paint, varnishes and metals, smoothing orange peel and spot repairs.

Features and Benefits:

  • High flexibility, adaptable to shapes, edges and contoured surfaces
  • Sponge backing prevents over sanding
  • Produces a very high-quality surface finish
  • RedLine paper with foam and velour grip hook & loop system

Product Specification:

  • B weight RedLine paper with foam and velour grip backing
  • Aluminum Oxide abrasive
  • Modified synthetic resin bonding
  • For use with grip (hook & loop) style backing plates
  • 3" size, 20 discs per box