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Founded in 1979, INDASA is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high performance coated abrasives and specializes in the production of innovative sanding materials and systems to a wide range of manufacturing and service industries. is pleased to offer you the widest selection of INDASA Abrasives at the best prices.

Indasa by Form:

Indasa PSA Sanding Disc Collection Indasa Sanding Rolls Collection Indasa Sanding Sheet Collection
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Indasa by Series:

High performance on hard materials | Superior cutting | high quality finish | Extended working life-time
Indasa PlusLine Collection High flexibility | Resistance to cracking | Good quality finish
Indasa WhiteLine Collection Very high cutting power | Great quality to price ratio
Crease & tear resistant | Ultimate high quality finish | Extended working life-time
High performance | Extended working life-time
Strong E-weight backing with high resistance to tearing | High stock removal | Aluminum oxide grain
Strong F-weight backing with high resistance to tearing | High stock removal | Silicon carbide grain
Resin fibre grinding discs | Premium quality | High stock removal
Quick change mini locking discs | Grinding | Surface conditioning
Foam-backed finishing abrasive | Highly flexible | Uniform scratch pattern 
Belts | Hand Sanding Pads | Backup Pads | Tools | Tape | Shop Accessories | More

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