PropGlide Propeller and Running Gear Coating System

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PropGlide™ is a foul-release coating that when applied to your propeller(s) and running gear will increase fuel efficiency and the performance of any vessel. This super slick coating keeps your propellers clean from marine growth for extended periods of time. PropGlide™ offers improved performance and cost savings and is by far the best choice for your props and running gear. Each PropGlide™ Kit includes 25% more product and costs 30% less than other competitors, compare for yourself here.

Increase in Prop Speed Means a Faster Vessel - PropGlide™ dramatically reduces drag on the propeller and running gear caused by even the smallest fouling. Since growth is unable to attach to PropGlide™ you will achieve higher RPM and vessel speed.

Improved Fuel Efficiency - Clean props and running gear provide more efficiencies to the engine and less fuel is burned and money saved!

Biocide-Free and Environmentally Friendly - PropGlide™ is not a prop antifoulant, it is a super slick foul release coating.

Ease of Application - PropGlide™ is easy to apply for Do-It-Yourselfer's and not just for the professional applicator.

PropGlide™ Application and Tech Data PropGlide™ Coverage Guidelines PropGlide™ Frequently Asked Questions PropGlide™ Safety Data Sheet