Backup Pads, Interface Pads, Pad Protectors & More

PSA Vinyl Face Backup Pads:

Ferro Vinyl Face PSA (Sticky) Backup Pads Indasa Vinyl Face PSA (Sticky) Backup Pads Mirka PSA (Sticky-back) Backup Pads Collection Space Holder

Grip Hook & Loop Face Backup Pads:

Ferro Grip (Hook & Loop) Backup Pad Indasa Grip (Hook & Loop) Backup Pads Mirka Grip (Hook & Loop) Backup Pad Collection Sunmight Grip Backup Pads

Interface Pads:

Ferro Interface Pads  Indasa Foam Interface Pads Mirka Foam Interface Pads Space Holder

Pad Savers / Protectors:

Mirka Backup Pad Saver Collection
Space Holder Space Holder Space Holder

Misc. Holders and Backing Plates:

Ferro Specialty Grinding Pads and Parts Polishing Backup Pads and Accessories

Best Selling Backup Pads & Accessories: