Dust-Free Sanding Abrasives

Advantages To Dust-Free Sanding:

Dust-free sanding will dramatically benefit your health, quality of work and bottom line. Available in many shapes and sizes, these abrasives effectively pull dust away from the sanding surface at a rate of up to 98% efficiency, allowing you to see the working surface and keeping debris out of your shop and lungs.

Use of sanding tools that are vacuum-ready are available with minimal investment to quickly and economically make your working environment virtually dust-free.

Eliminating Dust from Your Workplace Will...

  1. Increase speed and efficiency by spending less time taping, masking and cleaning
  2. Result in a higher quality surface finish and less re-work as piece can be visually seen while working to prevent over sanding and eliminates pilling & loading that cause surface scratches
  3. Keep abrasive surface cooler and cleaner for a longer working life and less materials required per job
  4. Create a healthier work environment by eliminating harmful air-borne debris and potential carcinogens