Geotextile Fabrics

Product Overview: 

 SMS offers a range of Geotextile Fabrics that can be used for multiple applications. Versatile and durable, material can be used for filtration, ground liners, and rip-rap erosion control applications. SMS can size and cut fabric to suit your needs.


  • Filtration - water permeable yet filters particulates down to 150 microns
  • Ground Liner - protect containment from sharp ground cover and under boats on the hard to capture sanding dust, paint chips, nails, screws and other debris
  • Rip-Rap Applications - use to reinforce coastal embankments to prevent erosion
  • Custom Sizes - SMS can size and custom cut fabric to suit your needs


For washing boats, geotextile fabric used alone is not a legal wash water treatment system. Wash water must be contained and/or permits acquired. 

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