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sia Abrasives, with its headquarters in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, is one of the world's leading suppliers of innovative abrasive systems. sia Abrasives develops, manufactures and markets complete abrasive systems tailored to specific requirements and applications for the surface treatment of every type of work piece.

sia Abrasives by Form:

sia abrasives PSA siastick sanding discs sia abrasives GrRIP siasfast sanding discs sia abrasives foam sanding discs sia abrasives NET sianet sanding discs sia abrasives sanding rolls and file strip board paper sia abrasives sanding belts
sia abrasives sanding sheets sia abrasives hand pads sia abrasives siafast locking discs sia abrasives grinding discs sia abrasives surface conditioning and spectrum discs sia abrasives backup pads, blocks, tools and accessories