EPaint EP-Prime 1000 Multi-Purpose Epoxy Primer, Oxide Red, P1000-505-G

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Product Description:

EPaint EP-Prime 1000 Oxide Red (P1000-505-G) is a robust, easy to use, two-part, epoxy primer recommended for immersion service.

EP-Prime 1000 offers excellent corrosion protection on metal surfaces, improves adhesion of bottom paint to all hull types and offers protection from water migration on fiberglass boat hulls.

EP-Prime 1000 may be applied by brush, roller or spray.


  • Corrosion protection on underwater metals
  • Improve adhesion of any ePaint bottom paint to fiberglass, aluminum and wood hulls
  • Minimize water absorption and osmotic blistering on fiberglass hulls

Features & Benefits:

  • Lowers cost of metal surface preparation as it is self-priming on metal, no other chemical treatments required
  • High-build epoxy
  • Superior corrosion protection on metal surfaces
  • Provides protection to fiberglass hulls from water migration and osmotic blistering
  • Easy to apply by brush, roll or spray
  • Surface tolerant
  • Cures at low temperatures
  • Low VOC

Technical Overview:

  • Available Colors:
    • White (#405)
    • Haze Gray (#705)
    • Oxide Red (#505)
  • Packaging: Two component system, one gallons kits
  • Thinner: ePaint EP-10
  • Coverage:
    • Tie-coat, 311 ft2/gal at 3.5 mils dry per coat
    • Metals and Barrier Protection, 242 ft2/gal at 4.5 mils dry per coat
  • Number of Coats:
    • Tie-coat: one mist coat
    • Corrosion protection on metal: two coats
    • Barrier protection on gelcoat: three coats
  • Method of Application: Traditional painting techniques (e.g. conventional spray, airless spray, roller, brush)
  • Finish: Semi-gloss
  • Not Recommended For: Application over existing antifouling or foul-release coatings; remove first 

Detailed Technical Specifications:

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