Farécla Premium G3 Ultra & Fine Finishing System Now Available in North America through SMS Distributors

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SMS Distributors is pleased to offer our North American customers the brand new Farécla G3 Ultra and Fine finishing system featuring Fluid Dynamic Technology® from the UK. 

G3 Ultra offers a step change improvement in speed and quality of finish, permanently removing P1500 or finer sanding marks from all modern paint systems. G3 Ultra achieves the deepest gloss in the fastest time possible, 20% to 40% faster than the nearest competitor, resulting in dramatically significant labor savings.

SMS Distributors is offering our customers introductory G3 Ultra & G3 Fine Combo pack to evaluate performance. For a limited time, customers that purchase a G3 Ultra & G3 Fine Combo pack will receive a free G3 Ultra System Tee-Shirt! Click here for the G3 Ultra & Fine Combo Pack and free Tee-shirt, training videos, and to learn more about the science behind Fluid Dynamic Technology®.

Read on to learn more about the new Farécla G3 system:

The New G3 Premium System from Farécla

Farécla has developed a brand new premium compounding system that provides a step change revolution in compounding technology.

The system includes; G3 Ultra Abrasive Compound, G3 Fine Finishing Compound and G3 Finish Gloss Enhancer, as well as specifically engineered applicators for each product to ensure optimal performance. Designed to significantly improve bodyshop productivity, the G3 Premium System offers unbeatable improvements in process times, ease of use and quality of finish on all modern paint systems.

"This is the start of a whole new chapter in the illustrious history of the G3 brand - a name that we wanted to maintain and refresh as it is recognised and trusted in refinish the world over." said Jim Ridge, Marketing Director, Farécla Products.

In recent comparison trials, G3 Ultra was unbeatable. It was put through its paces against the leading competitors on all major paint brands and systems including scratch resistant clear coats, and was tested on very fresh paint (under two hours old) as well as cured paint (over 48 hours old). The tests concluded that on average, the G3 Ultra is 20% faster than the nearest competitor, a figure that rises to 25% faster on scratch resistant paint only. In addition, the majority of repairs can be completed in just one step*. Furthermore, it delivers superior gloss levels after degreasing across all clear coat systems. This is primarily due to the fact that it leaves a permanent finish - the water based emulsion system contains NO fillers, unlike other leading brands. Minor scratches don't get masked over and therefore what you see is what you get - a mirror finish even after degreasing.

"G3 Ultra is so advanced, that we even considered whether we should call it something different, as it is a completely new formula and probably the biggest breakthrough we have made in 50 years," said Rob Wilkinson, Technical Director, Farécla Products. "We have rigorously tested G3 Ultra in our laboratory, at several industry-renowned facilities and field trialled it with some independent bodyshops, and its performance is truly amazing. Our test data shows that every bottle of G3 Ultra saves an average of two hours of polishing time versus competitor products. In addition, it is not only fantastically more efficient, but easy to use." The secret to the G3 Premium Range is "Fluid Dynamic Technology".

This unique innovation is the process by which 2-phase abrasive particles combine and interact with Farécla's superior emulsion system to produce optimal performance. The rate at which each particle breaks down is controlled and optimised from the jagged rocks needed for the cutting phase to smooth, marble-like spheres for polishing.

To complement G3 Ultra, Farécla has also developed a superb finishing compound - G3 Fine. The level of finish is so high with G3 Ultra that in the majority of cases a finishing compound won't be required, especially on lighter paint colours. However, there are always difficult situations that crop up: swirl marks left by a lambswool pad, or scratch resistant paint that has been left out of the oven for a few days. G3 Fine is your miracle product to save your job and get paintwork back to the mirror finish you are used to with Farécla products.

The G3 Premium System is now available from all leading UK distributors.

*Results are based on rigorous tests conducted against a range of competitive products on a selection of the biggest selling clear coats in today's market. One step refers to the repair of lighter coloured paints.


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