ArroWorthy Chip Double-Thick Fooler Brushes

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Product Overview:

ArroWorthy Double-Thick Fooler Chip Paint Brushes are extra thick disposable brushes that hold lots of paint. Good quality and cheap enough to throw away when done.

Perfect for use with epoxy, resin, boat bottom paint and sealers. 

Extra brush thickness holds more coating than standard chip brushes.

Available in brush widths from 1/2 to 4 inches. Square trim, sanded wood handle and 100% white bristle.  

Technical Specs:

Trim: Square
Handle: Sanded wood
Brush Material: 100% white bristle

Which Brush is Right for Me?

All brushes are not created equal! Selecting the right brush will help you achieve optimal results and the best finish. Use the following guide to help pick the best brush for your application.

  • Natural Bristle – designed for oil-based paints, stains, and varnishes. Not to be used with water-based coatings as bristles will go limp.
  • Synthetic Bristle – may be used for all types of paints but particularly designed for water-based coatings.
  • Badger & Ox Hair Bristle – Softest natural bristles, best for creating smoothest finishes.
  • White China Bristle – Best for oil-based paint, stains, varnish, urethanes, shellac and lacquer. Yields smoother finish than black China. 
  • Black China Bristle – For oil-based paint, stains, and varnish. Stiffer bristles than white China requires more strokes but least expensive