EPaint Ecominder Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint, Blue

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Product Overview: 

EPaint ECOMINDER® Blue is an advanced antifouling paint recommended for all recreational pontoon, sail and powerboats in both fresh and low fouling salt waters.   

ECOMINDER is easy to apply and is the greenest and safest antifouling paint ever approved for use by the U.S. EPA. This paint is free of harmful volatile organic solvents and toxins that persist in our environment. ECOMINDER is actually formulated with biopolymers derived from renewable resources, even the container is recycled.   

ECOMINDER is copper-free and will not promote corrosion on metal surfaces. Boats with ECOMINDER may be hauled and launched out of the water and the unlimited dry to launch time also allows for painting in the fall before winter storage.

Features Zinc Omadine which is designed to control slime, algae, bacteria and ePaint patented photo-active technology to deter the settling and attachment of hard-shell type organisms. 

Available in quarts, gallons and 5-gallon pails (special order, please contact us for pricing; note 5-gallon pails are oversized and do not qualify for discount shipping promotions).

Features & Benefits:

  • Safe and Easy to Apply
  • Compatible over most popular antifouling paints and primers
  • No VOC's or harsh solvent smell
  • Clean up with soap and water
  • Features Zinc Omadine® for the most advance slime control and EPaint patented photo-active technology
  • Hybrid self-polishing finish provides the benefits of both hard and soft type antifouling paints
  • Controlled wear so no old paint build-up
  • Unlimited dry to launch time, paint in the fall and launch in the spring
  • Safe to haul in and out of the water
  • Made in the USA


  • For all boats including aluminum in fresh and low fouling saltwater 
  • For use on underwater metals, running gear and transducers

Technical Specifications:

  • Coverage: 350-400 ft2 /gal, 88-100 ft2/qt
  • Available colors: White, Gray, Black, Green, Blue, Dark Blue, Red
  • Packaging: Single component, available in quarts, gallons, and five-gallon pails (contact us for pricing and availability)
  • Thinner: Bottled water
  • Method of Application: Traditional techniques; roll (1/4" nap or foam), brush, or spray (HVLP)
  • Recommended Number of Coats: 2 full coats with additional around waterline and high wash areas for longest service life
  • Compatibility: Fiberglass, aluminum, wood, outboards, outdrives, trim tabs, epoxy type primers, and most popular traditional bottom paints
  • Safe for Aluminum and Metal?: Yes, read technical data sheet for instructions for your particular application
  • Safe to Haul In and Out of Water?: Yes
  • Dry to Re-coat Time: MIN: 4 hours @ 90oF, 8 hours @ 70oF, 16 hours @ 50oF; MAX: 7 days to avoid additional surface prep (sanding)
  • Dry to Launch Time: MIN: 16 hours @ 90oF, 24 hours @ 70oF, 36 hours @ 50oF; MAX: Not critical
  • To Re-coat Next Season: Clean & abrade with 80 grit sandpaper
  • Not Recommended For: High fouling bodies of water

Detailed Technical:

  • Download Technical Data Sheet here