EPaint EP-21 Release Coating, White, EP-21-401

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Product Overview:

EPaint EP-21 White (EP-21-401) is an ablative foul release boat bottom paint boats in fresh water and low to moderate fouling salt water

EP-21 offers excellent protection without toxic pesticides or a high price tag; the secret is a combination patented ePaint photo-active technology and ablative finish; it erodes away like a bar of soap, self-cleaning the paint in the process.

Practical Sailor Magazine recommends EP-21 as a best "$ Budget Buy" and rated EP-21 "Excellent After 6 Months" (March 2010) and "Good After 12 Months" (October 2009) in Florida waters!

EP-21 applies just like traditional copper-based bottom paints and multiple coats may be applied same day. EP-21 is compatible with most epoxy primers and over most traditional antifouling paint systems.

EP-21 is safe for use on prepared aluminum, fiberglass, wood, outboards, outdrives and trim tabs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple to apply and fast drying
  • Economical lower cost yet excellent performance
  • Soft ablative formula wears smooth over time, self-cleaning and releasing bio-fouling
  • Contains no pesticides
  • Features EPaint Patented photo-active release coating technology 
  • For use on fiberglass, aluminum, wood, outboards, outdrives and trim tabs
  • Will not promote electrolysis on prepared metal surfaces
  • White and gray colors stay bright and will not patina stain
  • No maximum dry-to-launch times, safe to haul in and out of the water
  • Compatible with over epoxy primers and traditional antifouling paints

Technical Overview:

  • Coverage: 300 ft2/gal, 75 ft2/qt
  • Available colors: White and Gray
  • Packaging: Quarts, gallons and five gallon pails (call for pricing and availability)
  • Thinners: EPaint EP-13
  • Finish: Eggshell-like finish, wears smooth
  • Recommended No. of Coats: 3 full coats with 2 additional around waterline and high wash areas
  • Compatibility: Fiberglass, aluminum, wood, outboards, outdrives, trim tabs, epoxy primers, and most traditional bottom paints
  • Safe for Aluminum and Metal?: Yes but prime bare metal first with EPaint EP-Prime 1000
  • Safe to Haul In and Out of Water?: Yes
  • Dry to Re-coat Time: MIN: 3 hours @ 90oF, 4 hours @ 70oF, 8 hours @ 50oF
  • Dry to Launch Time: MIN: 14 hours @ 90oF, 16 hours @ 70oF, 24 hours @ 50oF;  MAX: not critical


As EP-21 is ablative, it is important to apply an extra coat or two for extended service life. However, EP-21 costs much less than similar performing copper-based paints.

EP-21 is copper-free and will not promote electrolysis on prepared metal parts, white color will not patina stain, and paint wears nice and smooth. 

Consider using a little EPaint EP-13 thinner to help reduce viscosity for improved application, better coverage, and cleanup.

EP-21 does not contain a biocide and it is not considered an antifouling coating. Some maintenance scrubbing may be required to keep boat bottom clean if boat sits but growth is readily removed with little effort as long as paint is on the hull.

Additional Technical Information:

  • For technical data sheet, click here