SEM Repair Compound for Leather & Vinyl, 38422

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Note: This item has been discontinued and will no longer be available.

Product Overview:

SEM Leather & Vinyl Repair Compound (38422) is a unique compound that seamlessly repairs cuts and abrasions on leather and vinyl. 

It has excellent strength, flexibility and can be used to fill imperfections. Works effectively on leather and vinyl substrates to create a durable and long lasting repair.

SEM Leather & Vinyl Repair Compound is an excellent compliment SEM Vinyl Coat, SEM Classic Coat, SEM Sure Coat and SEM Color Coat paints, providing a quick, reliable repair and refinish with just one system.

Now sold in a 3 ounce resealable container. Use with SEM Leather & Vinyl Repair Graining Pad Kit (70022) which includes six (6) of the most popular leather and vinyl grains for a seamless looking repair and and appropriate surface prep materials such as SEM Soap (39362), SEM Vinyl Prep (38343) and SEM Plastic/Leather Prep (38353).

Features & Benefits:

  • Reliable leather and vinyl repairs
  • Excellent strength
  • White color
  • Paintable
  • Superior protection and durability
  • Easy-to-use 3 oz container
  • Isocyanate-free

How-To Video:

Technical Data Sheet: