Indasa 5" Rhynofibre Alum-Oxide Silver Grinding Discs, 1000 Series

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Indasa Collection

Product Overview:

Indasa 5" Rhynofibre "A" Silver Resin Fiber Grinding Discs (1000 Series) feature aluminum oxide mineral grain, durable vulcanized backing, high strength resin to eliminate shredding and high initial cutting action.  

Excellent quality - offers high initial cut, better heat resistance, better edge stability and last far longer than low quality discs flooding the market. 

Perfect for machine grinding and sanding of metal work and fiberglass. Available in 5" size with 7/8" hole and in many grit options.

Sold 25 discs per box

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable vulcanized fibre backing
  • High strength resin eliminates grit shredding
  • High initial cutting action
  • Very high edge stability
  • High resistance to heat
  • Suitable for use with angle grinder to remove burrs, welding seams and use on non-ferrous metals, steel and aluminum

    Product Specifications:

    • Vulcanized fibre 0.8 mm backing
    • Aluminum Oxide abrasive
    • Modified synthetic resin bonding
    • Available in 5" size with 7/8" hole 
    • Sold 25 discs per box

    Application Suggestions:

    • Machine grinding and sanding of metalwork

    About Indasa Abrasives: