Mirka 3" Two-Handed Rotary Air Buffer, MR-30TH

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Product Description:

The Mirka MR-30TH 3" Two-Handed Rotary Pneumatic Air Buffer is a powerful tool providing a fast way to a perfect finish.

The unique shape allows operators to reach small areas and the two-handed grip gives great stability in polishing operations. When paired with a 3" buff pad, polishing in confined areas is easy; perfect for mirrors, rails, pillars, spoilers other complex shapes and hard to reach areas.

Features a unique housing design, which allows the sander to be placed on its back without activating the throttle lever. The speed is easy to adjust due to the side mounted speed control. The curved throttle lever provides unparalleled durability with perfect ergonomics and the optional side handle gives a stable grip and reduces vibration. 

The MR-30TH is equipped with an optional hanger for convenient storage. This package includes side handle, hanger and a 3" grip backing pad.

Technical Specs:

Work pressure (bar) 6.2 (90psi)
Weight (kg) 0.96 (2lb)
Air consumption (l/min) 594 (20ft3/min)
Size of pad (mm) 77 (3")
Power 343
Speed (rpm) 3,000