Mirka Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander Collection

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Mirka Pneumatic Random Orbital (RO) Sanders are effective and durable tools for professional sanding. They feature ergonomic design and lightweight, hi-tech materials to create tools with optimal strength, user comfort and lower air requirements.

These machines are built for maximum dust extraction even at low suction power and have a low noise level even when operating at their 12,000 rpm maximum.

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Mirka Specialty Random Orbital Sanders:

Mirka MAOS130 1.25" Angle Finessing Sander Mirka MROS125 1.25" Finessing Sander White Spacer White Spacer

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Mirka PROS Series Vacuum-Ready Random Orbital Sanders:

Mirka PROS 5" Sander MRP-550CV Mirka PROS 6" Sander MRP-650CV Mirka PROS 6" Sander MRP-680CV White Spacer

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Mirka MR Series Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders:

MR-350 3" Finishing Sander MR-5, 5" Finishing Sander (5mm Orbit) MR-525, 5" Fine Sander (2.5mm) MR-508, 5" Finishing Sander (8mm Orbit)
MR-6, 6" Finishing Sander (5mm) MR-625, 6" Finishing Sander (2.5mm Orbit) MR-608, 6" Finishing Sander (8mm) White Spacer

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Mirka MR Series Self-Generating Vacuum Random Orbital Sanders:

MR3SGV 3" Self Generating Vacuum Sander MR-508SGV, 5" Self Generating Vacuum Sander (8mm) MR-6SGV, 6" Self-Generating Vacuum Sander (5mm) MR-608SGV, 6" Self-Generating Vacuum Sander (8mm)

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Mirka Sander Accessories:

MR-3SGVC 3" Self-Generating Vacuum Conversion Kit MR-5SGVC 5" Self-Generating Vacuum Conversion Kit MR-6SGVC 6" Self-Generating Vacuum Conversion Kit Dust Bags for Mirka MR Self-Generating Vacuum Sanders
MR-3CVC 3" Central Vacuum Conversion Kit MR-5CVC 5" Central Vacuum Conversion Kit MR-6CVC 6" Central Vacuum Conversion Kit Mirka MV-412HA Coaxial Air Supply/Vacuum Hose

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Mirka Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander Complete Collection: