RUPES Greentech Filter for Self-Generating Vacuum Sanders, 80.400/C

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Product Overview:

RUPES Greentech Conical Filter for Self-Generating Vacuum Sanders (80.400/C) is designed for use with all RUPES and other branded self-generating vacuum sanding machines including RUPES iBrid Mini and Skorpio sanders.

This modern unit is designed for the extraction of dust generated by the sanding of all surfaces including wood, paint, plastic and drywall. Suitable for RUPES and most sanding machines equipped with self-generated dust extraction.

The Greentech filter assembly represents a mix of technology and innovations including the innovative polyester filter for increased filtration efficiency and extended working lifetime compared to the traditional woven or paper filter.

This system allows the user to save time on filter replacement and also save costs for the filtering system exchange. The large size filter features a high collection capacity, and the presence of a central valve preserves the filtering material integrity. Dust extracted during the sanding process, thanks to the cyclone effect, is pushed outside the filter container, thus avoiding the filter obstruction.

Affixing the filter assembly on the sanding tool is maximized via a rubber opening, able to ensure long lasting performances and a stable coupling to the machine. The system is equipped with a spring lock in order to improve its general safety and endurance to dust.

Washable filter and features a 95% dust retaining efficiency.

Sold 1 filter unit and filter cartridge per package. Made in Italy.

Features and Benefits:

  • Designed for use with all RUPES self-generating vacuum sanders including iBrid Mini and Skorpio sanders as well as most other brands of self-generating vacuum sanders
  • Washable filter
  • 95% dust retaining efficiency