SEM Soap, 39362

SEM 39362 Soap, 15.7 oz Tube

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Product Overview:

SEM Soap (39362) is specifically designed as a first step cleaner for all paint repair and refinishing procedures ensuring trouble-free repairs; a must for all professional projects.

SEM Soap is excellent for cleaning vinyl as well as removing wax, grease, road film tar and also cleaning chrome, rubber and white wall tires.

SEM Soap gravitates into the pores of the substrate and floats contaminants to the surface. It also contains a slight abrasive to open the substrate for greater paint adhesion.  

Designed to properly clean surfaces before painting with SEM coatings such as SEM Marine Vinyl Coat and SEM Color Coat.

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes wax, grease, road film, tar, etc.
  • Great for cleaning chrome, rubber and white wall tires
  • Prep cleaner safe for numerous substrates including vinyl
  • Ensures proper cleaning for trouble-free repairs
  • VOC compliant and environmentally safe
  • Emulsifies contaminants for easy disposal
  • Easy to use one-step application
  • 15.7 ounce bottle

Technical Data Sheet:

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