Company Information:

Since being established in 1979, INDASA has developed into one of World's leading manufacturers of coated abrasive system technology. Located in Aveiro, Portugal, INDASA has made over the years large investments in the manufacturing plant making it one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. The INDASA Group now comprises 7 wholly owned subsidiary companies in UK, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil and USA, with export markets in over 70 countries worldwide.

Fundamental to the company’s core values is the ability to provide market specific (vehicle refinishing) solutions utilizing our key areas of expertise and to manufacture innovative abrasive systems to the highest quality and performance standards. R&D plays a crucial role in producing technically advanced and innovative materials, satisfying the needs of today’s refinish industry with tomorrow’s technology.

The challenge facing today’s professional refinish industry is the ongoing implementation of innovative working practices to ensure efficiency at the highest quality repair standards. Through it’s ongoing R&D process INDASA maintains a position at the forefront of high performance abrasive applications by incorporating the very latest material technologies and repair techniques.