Mirka CEROS Warranty Info USA

USA Service Information

In the unlikely event that your Mirka CEROS sander should require service, please follow these quick and easy steps to get it repaired:

  1. Have the following serial numbers ready before calling the repair service:
    • CEROS Sander
    • DC Transformer
  2. Call 1-855-GO-MIRKA (855-466-4752) for the authorized service center (Industrial Tool Service).
  3. Your information will be recorded and a Repair Order Form completed.
  4. You will receive an email containing:
    • Completed Repair Order Form (retain a copy for tracking purposes)
    • USPS pre-paid shipping label for U.S. customers (retain a copy for tracking purposes)
    • Packing and Shipping Instructions
  5. Pack the following items in a medium size flat-rate USPS box (U.S. customers only):
    • Copy of Repair Order Form
    • Proof of purchase
    • CEROS Sander with backup pad
    • DC Transformer with power cord
  6. Affix the pre-paid shipping label to the box and ship via USPS Priority Mail.
  7. Upon arrival at the service center, the tool will be diagnosed to determine necessary repairs.
  8. For non-warranty repairs, you will be contacted by the service center prior to repair for authorization and payment method.
  9. Mirka's goal is for all repairs to be completed within 2 business days after receipt of tool, or authorization if required.
  10. Once repair is completed, the CEROS sander will be returned via USPS priority mail for customers within the United States.