Ferro 8" Super Soft Grip Backing Pad, J808

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Product Overview:

Ferro Industries 8" Super Soft Bonded Grip Face Backing Pad (J808) is ideal for feather edging painted surfaces.

This pad features bonded soft foam layer, ~1.5" thick, designed for feather edging paint and working on curved surfaces.

Designed for use with Grip back (hook & loop type) 8" abrasive discs. Connects to sanders and grinders with standard female 5/8" x 11 thread; max RPM 3,200. Made in USA.

Technical Info:

  • Size: 8" diameter
  • Connection: female 5/8" x 11 thread
  • Face: grip (hook & loop)
  • Density: super soft foam, ~1.5" thick
  • Max RPM: 3,200