Aquagard Antifouling Boat Bottom Paint, Blue

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Product Overview:

Aquagard Blue Antifouling Paint is a high-performance water-based bottom paint designed for fiberglass, wooden and inflatable boats.

Aquagard is a favorite paint for boatyards and do-it-yourself boat owners as it rolls on easily, dries quickly, is safer to work with, has no toxic fumes, cleans up easily, is better for the environment and yields excellent antifouling results...all this at about half the price of higher load copper-based paints.

Thanks to advances in paint resin chemistry, the leach rate of the active is controlled so Aquagard requires less copper content to provide outstanding performance (and a lower price point). As the boat moves through the water and the paint ablates, it continuously exposes fresh antifouling layers repelling barnacles and soft growth.

Aquagard is a multi-season paint when applying multiple coats. It can also be used on inflatable boats without the use of a primer.

Aquagard is compatible over all existing bottom paints except those containing Teflon (e.g. VC-17). It is safe to apply in the Fall/Winter for launch in the spring as it will not fade, discolor or lose its antifouling properties as other solvent-based bottom paints do.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ablative action and cuprous oxide active repels barnacles & other growth
  • Controlled cuprous oxide leach rate results in better performance at a lower price; 26.73% active content works better than most paints with twice as much active
  • Compatible over all existing bottom paints except those that contain Teflon
  • Rolls on easily and fast drying
  • Great value with outstanding results
  • Easy soap & water clean-up
  • No harsh solvent odor or toxic fumes
  • Splash time after painting not critical, paint in the fall and launch next spring, will not discolor or fade
  • Designed for fiberglass and wooden boats (not for aluminum)
  • Also great for inflatable boats without the use of primer!
  • U.S. EPA approved and exceeds V.O.C. standards

Technical Specs:

  • Paint Type: Water-based antifouling paint
  • Recommended For: Fiberglass, wooden and inflatable boats
  • Not Recommended For: Aluminum boats
  • Colors: Black, Shark White, Blue, Horizon Blue, Teal, Green and Red (see color chart above)
  • Sizes: Quart, 1 Gallon, 2 Gallon Pail
  • Active Ingredient: Cuprous Oxide at 26.37% by weight
  • Compatibility: Safe over most existing bottom paints in good condition that do not contain Teflon
  • Coverage: ~400 square feet per gal, ~100 square feet per qt
  • Number of Coats: minimum of 2 coats with additional coats for multi-season protection
  • Dry-To-Recoat: 4 hours
  • Dry-To-Launch: Min: 8-12 hours; Max: not critical

Directions for Use:

These instructions are provided as a guide only. Always follow manufacturers instructions on can label or supplemental technical data sheet for most relevant application instructions.

1A) Surface Preparation: New/Bare Fiberglass Hulls:

Wipe down surface with Aquagard 180 Wash & Dewaxer. Change rags frequently to assure complete removal of wax and mold release agent and contaminants. Sand surface thoroughly with 80 or 100 grit sand paper. Wipe down surface again with Aquagard 180 Wash & Dewaxer to remove sanding residue and immediately apply one (1) coat of Aquagard 181 Primer with a roller or brush. Allow Primer to dry for minimum of two (2) hours.

1B) Surface Preparation: Previously Painted Surface:

To prepare the surface for coating, remove all loose coating and fouling residue by either washing with high pressure water, scraping or by sanding. Apply a test patch if existing paint is questionable. If the adhesion looks good, sand the entire surface thoroughly with 80 git sandpaper.

Previously painted surfaces in poor condition (such as chipping, peeling or flaking) should be stripped to bare fiberglass. 

2) Application

A clean dry surface will provide the optimum performance of this coating, when used for either complete coating or touch-up. Wipe down the surface with Aquagard 180 Wash & Dewaxer. Inadequate surface preparation will result in unsatisfactory performance. Mix the coating thoroughly for a minimum of five (5) minutes to insure complete pigment reincorporation. Apply by either brush, roller or spray. Aquagard Waterbase Antifouling Bottom Paint should be applied above 50F. Apply two (2) coats of Aquagard Waterbase Antifouling Bottom Paint. Apply additional coats for multi-season protection. Allow four (4) hours drying time between coats. Let the final coat dry eight (8) to twelve (12) hours before launching the boat. Clean up with water when finished.

Technical Literature:

Click here for SDS. Click here for Technical Data Sheet.