Blue Water Armada Marine Gloss Varnish, Quart, MA022Q

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Product Overview:

Blue Water Armada Marine Gloss Varnish (MA022Q) is the ultimate single package clear varnish for both exterior and interior wood surfaces. This high performance marine finish is based on a blend of phenolic resin, natural oils and a proprietary ultra-violet absorber.

Designed with the applicator in mind along with the highest level of performance in film integrity and long term gloss and color retention. Ideal for teak, mahogany and other wood.

Features excellent UV resistance and weathering properties. Flexible coating characteristic results in a protective shell that is very resistant to impact damage and abrasion and allows for natural expansion and contraction of wood.

Normally applied with a quality China bristle badger-type brush. Dries quickly to sand and overcoat.

Features and Benefits:

  • Highest performance single package clear varnish for wood
  • Excellent exterior and interior durability
  • Ultra-smooth flow and layout
  • Contains UV light absorber
  • Ideal for teak, mahogany and other woods

Technical Info:

  • Color: Translucent light amber
  • Finish: High gloss
  • Vehicle Type: Tung oil
  • Solvent Type: Mineral spirits
  • VOC: 450 g/L
  • Solids by Volume: 42%
  • Theoretical Coverage: 150 sq ft
  • Thinning and Clean Up: Blue Water Thinner 974 or 975
  • Dry Times: 2 hours dry to touch; 6-8 hours to recoat; 12 hours dry to sand between coats
  • Data Sheet: Download technical data sheet here

How to Use:

Surface Preparation: Surface must always be clean, dry and properly prepared prior to painting. Failure to do so will lead to eventually blistering and/or peeling. All sanded surfaces must be wiped clean with Thinner 974/975 to remove sanding residue.

General Application: For use on all wood surfaces as both a sealer and high gloss finish. Do not use on metal surfaces. Nominally applied by brush but can be sprayed for very large surface areas.

Estimated Dry Times: Armada Marine Varnish will dry to touch in about 2 hours at 70-75 deg F. Can be over coated after 6-8 hours but needs an overnight dry before sanding between coats. Before returning to service, allow a minimum dry of  2-3 days to reach maximum hardness. If drying conditions are poor or if  paint was applied too thickly, longer periods of  drying will be required.

Yearly Maintenance Varnish Applications: Thoroughly sand with 220-320 grit sandpaper to a smooth surface, wipe off  sanding dust with Thinner 974/975, allow to dry and apply the first coat of Armada Marine Varnish. Typical applications require 2-3 coats but more may be applied if desired for increased service life.

New or Bare Wood: Sand to remove any imperfections, wipe off  sanding dust with Thinner 974/975, allow to dry and apply first coat of  Armada Varnish. Thin first coat of  Armada Varnish with 10-20% Thinner 975 by volume and apply as a seal coat. Once dry, lightly sand with 220-320 grit sandpaper, wipe off sanding dust with Thinner 974/975, allow to dry and continue with additional applications of  Armada Varnish. Normally, for application on bare wood the number of coats may be 5 or more depending on the smoothness and depth of gloss desired. Lightly sand between coats with 220-320 grit sandpaper. This enhances surface smoothness and improves inter-coat adhesion.

Weathered Wood: Clean with teak cleaner to brighten or to remove mildew and then follow with a brightener if needed. Do not use a stiff bristle brush. Brush across the grain or in a circular motion to avoid removing soft portions of the teak. Flush thoroughly with fresh water when finished. Follow sanding and acetone use directions for New Wood or Bare above.