Rapid Scratch Remover by Barrett-Jackson Signature Car Care

Rapid Scratch Remover by Barrett-Jackson Signature Car Care

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Product Overview:

The Engineered Diminishing Abrasive Formula inside Barrett-Jackson Rapid Scratch Remover quickly and effectively removes unsightly surface scratches and scuffs without harming the paint finish surface.

Using Rapid Scratch Remover is simple. Apply a small amount of product to a slightly dampened foam applicator pad. Using medium pressure, rub across the scratch in straight back and forth movements, changing direction regularly. Repeat until the scratch has gone. Buff with a microfiber cloth to achieve an excellent shine. Can also be applied by machine using a rotary buffer with a Lambswool Compounding Pad.

Rapid Scratch Remover works well on its own or use as Step 2 in our show-car preparation process.

Features & Benefits:

  • Uses Diminishing Abrasive Technology by Farécla
  • Superior paint restoration
  • Safe for all paint finishes and clearcoats
  • Use by hand or machine
  • 16 oz size bottle 

Tutorial Video:

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