Bio-Solv Solvent Replacement, 1 Pint

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Product Overview:

Bio-Solv is a green solvent replacement that actually outperforms Acetone, Xylene & MEK. Safe to use and non-carcinogenic.

Available in additional sizes, click here for more info.

5X Stronger & 10X Longer Lasting than traditional solvents!

Use Biosolve for surface prep; paint, resin and adhesive clean-up; parts and tool cleaning; grease, wax and graffiti removal.

Low evaporation rate and high solvency formula significantly reduces overall solvent usage saving money. A soaked rag can be used for hours. Easily recycled though simple filtering or distillation for repeated reuse. 

**1 Pint of Bio-Solv is equivalent to 2 Gallons of acetone!**

Bio-Solv contains no water and is completely reactive unlike other solvent replacement products which contain up to 50% water and flash rust tool parts. 

Features and Benefits:

  • 5X stronger and 10X longer lasting than traditional solvents!
  • Not a flammable liquid*, no special storage or DOT requirements
  • Excellent resin & adhesive cleaner
  • Cleans polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy resins from tools & guns
  • Effective against polyurethanes, varnishes, enamels, and UV curable coatings.
  • Removes wax, grease and graffiti
  • One cleaner does it all, multiple solvents not required
  • Suitable for paint preparation and wipe down
  • High solvency, replace & outperforms all petroleum solvents
  • Low vapor pressure and evaporation rate. Lasts 5 times longer than traditional solvents
  • Available as liquid & convenient Wipes!
  • Easily recycled & reused. Saves money & less waste


Physical Properties:

  • *Flash Point 149 degrees F, ASTM D93

  • Vapor Pressure 0.54 mmHg @ 68 degrees F

  • Specific Gravity 0.988

  • Evaporation Rate 0.14

  • Vapor Density 4.6

  • Boiling Point 300 degrees F

A Sustainable Alternative Solvent

Bio-Solv is derived from corn and was developed in conjunction with the US EPA’s Design for the Environment program (DfE). The DfE logo on a product means that the DfE scientific review team has screened each ingredient for potential human health and environmental effects and that the product contains only those ingredients that pose the least concern among chemicals in their class.

  • 100% Bio-based, Bio-degradable, and carbon neutral

  • No Ozone Depleting Chemicals (EPA SNAP solvent)

  • No Global Warming Compounds

  • No Environmentally Hazardous Ingredients

  • Made from renewable resources (corn)

  • Developed in partnership with U.S. EPA DfE program

  • Not Listed on California Prop 65


Download Bio-Solv Safety Data Sheet here.

Material Compatibility:

Aluminum 6061 Yes
BUNA-B Not Recommended
Carbon Steel Yes
Choropren Rubber Yes
Kalrez Yes
Latex Yes
Magnesium alloy AZ91A Yes
Nylon Yes
Polycarbonate No
Polyethylene Yes
Polypropylene Yes
Stainless Steel Yes
Teflon Yes
Viton Not Recommended

Compatibility by Exposure:

No Visible Attack after 24 Hours Visible Attack within 8 Hours Visible Attack within 1 Hour
Nylon Buna-B-rubber PVC
Teflon Viton Polycarbonate
PVDF Silicone ABS
Atlas EPDM Tygone
Kalrez Chloroprene Rubber C-flex
PTFE Epoxy Amide Pharmed
Polyethylene   Norprene
Polypropylene   Neoprene gloves
Oil free EPDM   Polystyrene
Latex Natural Rubber Gloves   Polysulphate
Cured Epoxy   Polyamide
    Polyurethane paints
    Vinyl gloves