Buff & Shine 4" Foam Pad, Orange, Medium Compounding, 2-Pack, 480G

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Product Information:

Buff & Shine 4" Foam Grip Pads are perfect for use with small size and dual head polishers and for buffing in small and contoured areas.

Buff and Shine #480G Euro Orange Foam Pad is perfect for medium compounding applications. Made from the highest quality Euro Prepolymer Foams with generous 1" height and grip backing.

Designed for use with Buff & Shine 350Y 3.5" Backup Pad or similar size grip backup pad.

Sold 2 per pack!

Features and Benefits:

  • Excellent for polishing in small & contoured areas
  • Highest quality orange Euro Prepolymer Foam for compounding applications 
  • Raised Velcro back for easy centering and balance
  • Fits perfectly on the Buff & Shine 350Y backing plate
  • 4" diameter, 1" thick
  • Sold two per pack
  • Made in the USA

Application Suggestions:

  • For use with all restoration compounds, polishes, wax and glaze

Product Specifications:

Ultra Finishing White Foam, 90PPI 4" 1" 429G
Finishing Black Foam, 80PPI 4" 1" 420G
Soft Polishing Blue Foam, 70PPI 4" 1" 450G
Polishing Green Foam, 60PPI 4" 1" 440G
Medium Compounding Yellow Foam, 50PPI 4" 1" 430G
Medium Compounding Orange Euro Foam 4" 1" 480G