Buff & Shine 7.5" Center Ring Wool, Heavy Cutting Pad, 4-Ply Twist, 752R

Buff & Shine 7.5" Center Ring Wool, Heavy Cutting Buff Pad, 4-Ply Twist, 752R

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Product Information:

Buff and Shine 7.5" Center Ring 100% Wool 4-Ply Twist Heavy Cutting Grip Buff Pads (752R) feature the patented Center Ring System. Made with plush durable fibers along with strong and washable hook & loop grip backing structure. Perfect centering and balance every time!

The Center Ring System allows for quick and easy centering of pad to 6" backing plate eliminating wobble, improving finish, and with less fatigue.

Center Ring wool pads are available in several choices of wool/yarn materials for different applications.

Use with 6" backing plates such as Buff & Shine 658Y & 600Y for perfect fit. Center Ring system also available in Waffle Face Foam Pads and Hex Face Foam Pads!

Product Specifications:

Heavy Cutting 100% Wool, 4-Ply 7.5" 1.25" 752R
Cutting 100% Wool, 4-Ply 7.5" 1.5" 753R
Medium Cutting / Polishing Wool Blend, 4-Ply 7.5" 1.5" 753RY
Polishing / Finishing Wool Blend, 1-Ply 7.5" 1.5" 753RYS