7" Backup Pad, Heavy Duty Flex Edge

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Product Information:

Buff & Shine's #1800 7" Heavy Duty Flex Edge Backup Pad features a stiff and durable center, flex edge, grip backing and standard 5/8" x 11 thread connection. Fits standard 7.5", 8" and 9" Buff & Shine buffing pads as well as other brands of similar size.

Durable construction and perfectly balanced. Features grip backing for quick buff pad attachment and release.

Hybrid construction of stiff center and flexible edges allows the backing plate to be more versatile for different buffing applications

Product Specifications:

  • Stiff center yet flexible edge design for greater versatility
  • Durable and balanced construction
  • Highest grade of j-hook grip material
  • 7" diameter, 5/8" x 11 threads (female)
  • Max RPM 3,000

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