8" Double Sided Wool Polishing and Finishing Pad

8" Double Sided Wool Polishing and Finishing Pad

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Product Information:

Buff and Shine high-performance 8" Double Sided Wool Buff Pads are made with plush and durable fibers along with strong and washable backing structure. 

The Buff and Shine 803YS Double Sided Buff Pads are comprised of a single-ply wool blend designed for polishing and final finishing applications. These are great for use in with light cutting polishes as well as removing wax.

These pads are the professionals choice - double sided pads use a screw on adapter which allows no chance for pads to fly off your polisher. Pads center perfectly, no chance for wobble. 

Double sided pads feature an inner plastic plate to which wool is attached during manufacturing. This process enhances flexibility in maneuvering around automobile panels with style and detail lines.

Compounds, waxes and polishes can be applied to each side of the pad and flipped when needed, reducing pad change out and saving time.

Features and Benefits:

  • Made with high quality plush durable fibers
  • Strong washable backing structure
  • Pads lock in and center perfectly, will not wobble or fly-off
  • Both sides of pads are usable
  • Made in the USA

    Application Suggestions:

    • For use with all restoration compounds, polishes, wax and glaze

    Product Specifications:

    Compounding 100% Wool, 4-ply 8" 1.5" 803N
    Medium Compounding / Polishing Wool Blend, 4-ply 8" 1.5" 803Y
    Light Compounding Wool Blend, 1-ply 8" 1.5" 803NS
    Polishing / Finishing Wool Blend, 1-ply 8" 1.5" 803YS

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