Buff & Shine 7.5" Center Ring Foam Hex-Face Buff Pad Collection

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Product Information:

Buff and Shine Center Ring 7.5" Hex-Face Foam Buffing Pads are designed to minimize heat and reduce grabbing and fit perfectly centered with 6" Buff Shine Center Ring Backing Plates. 

Flat buff pad surface provides full contact with paint surface while hex design allows for cooler buffing. Recessed center protects painted surfaces from backing plate edges. Flexible backing pad design contours to surface shape.

The pads are color coded and specialized for a variety of buffing applications, including heavy cutting, medium cutting, polishing, soft polishing, finishing and ultra finishing. 

Buff and Shine's patented Center Ring Grip System allows for quick and easy perfect centering of pad to specialized backing plate - eliminating wobble, improving finish all with less fatigue, perfect centering in seconds!

These pads must be used with Buff & Shine 6" Backing Pads 658Y & 600Y for perfect fit. Center Ring system also available in Wool Pads and Waffle Foam Pads! Sold 1 pad per package.

Features and Benefits:

  • Fits 6" backing plates
  • Premium foam construction
  • Hex pattern keeps pad cooler & reduces "grabbing"
  • User friendly color coded for buffing pad aggressiveness
  • Recessed foam back protects painted surfaces from backing plate
  • Wide 7.5" diameter and plush 1.375" thickness
  • Available in U.S. Reticulated Polyester Foam and Euro Prepolymer Foam
  • Features patented Center Ring Grip System
  • Made in the USA
  • Sold 1 pad per package

Application Suggestions:

  • For use with compounding, polishing, wax and glaze
  • Center Ring System, for use with 658Y & 600Y backup pads

Product Specifications:

  • Medium Cutting, Yellow Foam, Hex Face, 50 PPI (P/N 630RH)
  • Medium Cutting, Orange Foam, Hex Face, Euro Prepolymer (P/N 680RH)
  • Polishing, Green Foam, Hex Face, 60 PPI (P/N 640RH)
  • Soft-Polishing, Blue Foam, Hex Face, 70 PPI (P/N 650RH)
  • Finishing, Black Foam, Hex Face, 80 PPI (P/N 620RH)
  • Ultra-Finishing, Red Foam, Hex Face, Euro Prepolymer (P/N 621RH)