Microfiber Bonnets

Microfiber Bonnets

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Product Information:

Top off your buff pad with a Microfiber Bonnet for a deep, polished shine without the all the effort! 

Microfiber bonnets are excellent for use at final buff-down finishing stages for that extra deep shine. Also use to safely apply and remove wax or polish and for drying.

You can place microfiber bonnet right over orbital can assembly or similar size finishing buff pad, essentially putting together your own electric powered polishing pad. Instead of you physically doing the majority of the work, let the polisher work for you!

Reversible and machine washable.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quality microfiber blend of 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
  • Reversible and machine washable
  • Available in 6", 10" and 11" diameter sizes
  • Buy in bulk and save

Application Suggestions:

  • Applying or removing excess wax and polish
  • Achieving a deep polished shine
  • Drying