Trimaco Easy Mask PRO Masker, QM5000

  • $32.00
  • Save $10.95


Product Overview:

Trimaco Easy Mask QM5000 PRO Hand Masker is the fastest way to tape and mask. Prep up to 3X faster! 

The QM5000 PRO has a comfort grip, making it easy for professional painters to mask of large areas effortlessly. 

The hand-held masker attaches tape to the edges of either film or paper masking rolls, allowing a painter to easily mask off large areas.

Use with blade such as QM2012 12" Paper & Film Blade (blade sold separately) for easy cutting. 

Special Offer: Purchase both the QM5000 PRO & QM2012 12" Paper & Film Blade together and save even more!

Also Available: Easy Mask Masking Kits that include masker, blade, film, paper rolls and/or tape!

Features & Benefits:

  • Attaches edges of tape and either masking film or paper rolls
  • Effortlessly mask off large areas 3X faster; save time & money!
  • Comfortable ergonomic grip 
  • Also available in Easy Mask® Masking Kits that include masker, blade, film and paper
  • Note: QM2012 12" Paper & Film Blade sold separately



“Trimaco’s QM5000 cuts my prep time 80%!” Kevin Luedemann, VP of operations Brush Masters Painting & Drywall

“What used to take three hours now takes one. I hope the competition doesn’t use it!” – Philip Hansell Owner Hansell Painting 

“Saves time and the bottom line.” – Joel Hamberg, Owner Joel Hamberg Painting