EPaint EP-21 Aerosol for Outdrives & Running Gear, Black, EP21A-301

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Product Overview:

EPaint EP-21 Foul Release Bottom Paint Black (EP21A-301) is now available in aerosol packaging! Easy-to-apply and offers proven protection for outboard brackets and out-drives.

No longer must you chisel off barnacles from outboard motor brackets. No longer must you risk corroding your outdrive with traditional copper-based antifouling paints. EP-21 performs better than all other products on the market and is safer your boat.

Use EP-21 aerosol to protect underwater metal surfaces, aluminum components that cannot be painted with traditional copper-based antifouling paints.

Available Colors:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Metallic Silver Grey (Honda®-like) 
  • Silver Blue (Yamaha®-like)
  • White


EP-21 performs better than most bottom paints, recommended a "$ Budget Buy" and rated "Good After 12 Months" by Practical Sailor Magazine (October 2009).

Practical Sailor Magazine rated EP-21 "Excellent After 6 Months" (March 2010) in Florida waters. Of the 39 ablative paints tested in Sarasota Bay, Florida, EP-21 was the only biocide-free product to achieve an “Excellent” rating, remaining clean after 6 months in the water.

Technical Info:

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