EPaint EP-13 Thinner for EP-21, SN-1, SN-HP, ZO and ZO-HP Bottom Paints, EP-13

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Product Overview: 

EPaint EP-13 Thinner is used for thinning and clean-up of solvent-based bottom paints including ePaint ZO, ZO-HP, SN-1, SN-1 HP, and EP-21.

EP-13 may be used to ease application when applying paints at cool and hot temps, for smoother finish when rolling and for spray applications. Also, a great adhesive remover.

*Due to new VOC restrictions, not for use in California* 

Suggested Uses:

  • Compatible with ZO, SN-1 and EP-21 bottom paints
  • Use to reduce paint when applying at warm temperatures or for spray applications
  • Use for cleaning paint equipment and brushes
  • Secondary use to remove stubborn adhesive residue and some stains on gelcoat