EPaint EP-2000 Antifouling Paint, White, EP-401

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Product Overview:

EPaint EP-2000 White (EP-401) is a high-performance water-based antifouling paint recommended for all boats in fresh and salt water.

EP-2000 offers an exceptionally smooth, hard, mar-resistant finish and the cleanest and whitest bottom. White EP-2000 offers excellent antifouling protection in even the harshest tropical environments. EP-2000 is also a great choice for boats frequently trailered.  

EP-2000 is water-based; there is no harsh solvent smell, and it is much safer to work. EP-2000 may be burnished to a mirror like finish if desired.

EP-2000 is recommended over new surfaces and not recommended over most existing bottom paints; painting conditions must be met before choosing this paint.

ePaint makes the best white color bottom paints on the market!

Proven Performance:

  • The only paint to be rated "Excellent after 18 Months" in Florida waters out of 60 paints tested by Practical Sailor Magazine (March 2011 Issue)  
  • Awarded Practical Sailor Magazines 2011 Editors' Choice Bottom Paint for the best and longest antifouling performance
  • Protecting the U.S. Homeland Security fleet of high-speed border patrol and interceptor boats
  • Helping savvy racing sailors gain a competitive edge and win prestigious yacht races such as Newport to Bermuda, Chicago Mackinac, RVYC Swiftsure International, International Rolex Regatta, Vendée Globe and more

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent antifouling protection
  • Available in bright white that does not patina stain like other white paints
  • Perfect choice for boats in both fresh and salt waters
  • Formulated with Zinc Omadine® for the most advanced slime control
  • Features E-Paint Patented photo-active technology
  • Copper-free, will not promote corrosion on metal
  • Water-based, no harsh solvent smell, easy soap & water clean up
  • Dramatically reduced environmental impact


  • For all boats in both salt and fresh waters
  • Cruising & racing sailboats, pontoon, powerboats, crew boats, commercial boats and government vessels
  • Racers who want to obtain a hard, fast, sleek racing finish
  • For drag reduction and fuel savings
  • Boats that are frequently hauled and launched by trailer 

Detailed Technical Information:

We strongly encourage customers download, read and understand information in the manufacturers technical data sheet before purchasing this product to make sure you can meet the conditions for proper application, EP-2000 Technical Data Sheet.


  • EP-2000 is not compatible with other existing antifouling coatings; old paints must be removed before applying
  • Re-applying EP-2000 in later years is simple, just lightly sand with 80 grit, wash away dust and debris with water only, and allow to dry
  • EP-2000 must not be applied when temperatures will dip below 60°F (15.6°C) or when relative humidity exceeds 65%
  • Due to the photo-active nature of EP-2000, additional coats around the waterline strongly recommended to extend service life
  • White EP-2000 is recommended for use in high fouling environments