Epifanes Interimcoat Primer, White, 750ml, ICW.750

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Product Description:

Epifanes Interimcoat White, 750ml (ICW.750) is a two-component primer designed for providing optimum adhesion promotion of topcoat paints above and below the waterline.

Recommended as an adhesion primer on fiberglass (GRP) and 2-part painted surfaces (e.g. epoxy based) to ensure optimum adhesion of subsequently applied 1-part coatings.

Interimcoat is based on an epoxy and vinyl resin and offers outstanding adhesion properties and durability. It is suitable for use above and below the waterline over an epoxy system or directly on fiberglass (gelcoat).

Interimcoat may be re-coated with most 1 & 2-component topside paints and antifouling paint.

Features and Benefits: 

  • Outstanding adhesion properties and durability
  • Suitable for use above and below the waterline
  • For use over an epoxy system or directly on bare fiberglass
  • May be re-coated with most one and two-component paints

Technical Info:

Color: White, matte
Container Size: 750 ml
Coverage: ~85 sq.ft/L
Surfaces: Apply to fiberglass and two-part epoxy-based coatings, above and below the waterline
Mixing Ratio: 9 Parts A to 1 Part B by Weight (6 Parts A to 1 Part B by Volume)
Pot Life: ~8 hours
Application: Brush, roll, conventional air spray, HVLP, airless
Thinner: Epifanes D-601, as needed up to 15% by volume
After Cure: Wipe with Epifanes Spray Thinner to remove any possible amine blush from surface
Dry Time: Tack-free - 1 hour; Hard-dry - 24 hours 
Recoatable: Any type of 1 or 2 component paint including antifouling paint; 18 hours for 1 component paints; 4 hours for 2 component paints
Application Conditions: Temps should be between 50F and 85F

Download Technical Data Sheet here.