Farecla Profile Rapid Detailer Cleaner & Wax, 1 Gallon, PRD106

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Product Information:

Farecla Profile Rapid Detailer Cleaner & Wax is a fast applying liquid spray wax for that just waxed look or a simple quick clean.

Profile Rapid Detailer removes surface contaminants including compound residue, light dirt, dust and fingerprints to leave a waxed, high gloss finish.

Provides a perfect complement to Farecla Profile Polymer Wax or Profile UV Wax when used in combination, aiding in surface protection.

Profile Rapid Detailer is very quick and easy to use. Available in 1 gallon containers, use with a spray applicator bottle for fastest application; simply spray or apply by wiping and then remove by hand with a microfiber cloth.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to use for a fast ‘just waxed’ high gloss look
  • Easy on and off, simply spray or wipe on and buff off
  • Suitable for all surfaces including paintwork, rubber, vinyl, plastic glass and chrome
  • Compatible with all waxes, will not remove previously applied polishes and waxes from the surface aiding continuous protection
  • Waterless cleaning prevents the build-up of contaminants that can become ingrained between washes

Technical Information:

  • Packaging: 1 gal container
  • Viscosity: Low
  • Color: Colorless/opaque liquid
  • Paint Type Compliance: Safe for all paint and surface types


  • Shake bottle well before use
  • By Hand: Using microfiber finishing cloth or spray bottle, apply products; using light pressure, apply in an overlapping action to ensure coverage; allow wax to dry to a haze (only a few seconds under most conditions) and polish with a microfiber finishing cloth to a deep shine


Product Data Sheet:

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