Flexdel UltraGard Premium Antifouling Paint, Blue

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Product Overview:

Flexdel UltraGard Blue Antifouling Paint is a premium multi-season, high copper-loading ablative bottom paint designed for fiberglass and wooden boats.

UltraGard offers outstanding protection at a value price. Features advanced alkyd/rosin copolymer formula with a high-loading of cuprous oxide formulated especially to prevent barnacles, algae, slime and other fouling organisms with a controlled leach out. Designed for vessels in salt, brackish and fresh water.

UltraGard is solvent-based and can be applied over most existing bottom paints that are clean, free of any debris and dry.

Available in black and blue colors.

U.S. EPA approved.

Features and Benefits:

  • For fiberglass and wooden boats
  • High copper load, 37.5%
  • Full season ablative protection
  • Ablative action repels barnacles & other growth
  • Can be applied over most other antifouling coatings
  • Outstanding value & great results
  • U.S. EPA approved

    Technical Specs:

    • Paint Type: Solvent-based, copper antifouling paint
    • Recommended For: Fiberglass and wooden boats
    • Colors: Black, Blue
    • Sizes: 1 Gallon containers
    • Active Ingredients: Cuprous Oxide 37.5% by weight
    • Compatibility: Safe over most existing bottom paints in good condition that do not contain Teflon
    • Coverage: ~450 square feet per gal
    • Number of Coats: 1 to 4 coats depending on service life desired (with additional along waterline)
    • Dry-To-Recoat: 2 hours at 70F
    • Dry-To-Launch: Min: 18 hours at 70F
    • Manufacturer: Flexdel Corporation

    Technical Literature:

    Click here for MSDS. Click here for Technical Data Sheet.